Van Schelven - compiled notes of a familyFamily tree

The eldest generations
The first five generations, completed with business contracts, register notes, both touching and comic.
First generation (1560-1610)
Second generation (1590-1682)
Third generation (1617-1765)
Fourth generation (1660-1750)
Fifth generation (summarized) (1694-1811)

From the fifth generation the family tree is split in three branches (stamreeksen). This is done based on the three male children of the fifth generation (summarized).

 Branch A

 Branch B

 Branch C

Fifth generation(1694-1785)

Fifth generation (1696-1802)

Fifth generation (1699-1811)

Sixth generation (1716-1837)

Sixth generation (1737-1802)

Sixth generation (1728-1804)

Seventh generation (1750-1885)

Seventh generation (1766-1885)

Seventh generation (1755-1866)

Eighth generation (1784-1902)

Eighth generation (1794-1934)

Eighth generation (1799-1925)

Ninth generation (1812-1980)

Ninth generation (1836-1958)

Ninth generation (1823-1963)

Tenth generation (1842-..)

Tenth generation (1868-..)

Tenth generation (1839-..)

Eleventh generation (1875-..)

Eleventh generation (1901-..)

Eleventh generation (1880-..)

Twelfth generation (1910-..)

Twelfth generation (1923-..)

Twelfth generation (1915-..)

Thirteenth generation (1943-..)

Thirteenth generation (1934-..)

Thirteenth generation (1944-..)

A tool to find your way in the generations and branches is the index on first names. You can activate it by clicking the underscored text. Please note: the index is not yet perfect and is improved constantly.

If you would like to see the relation between the Van Schelven generations and the national history of The Netherlands, you can click here and find the timeline; the Dutch history since the Middle Ages in highlights wtih indication of the Van Schelven generations.

The family tree on this website is not complete yet. If you have new information, I hope you will share it with us, in order to give every Van Schelven or Van Schelven-related person a proper place in this chronicle. The webmasters will see to it that your information is handled and added  with respect and love.

A complete record consists to our feelings of these elements:

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* A.L. van Schelven: "Van Schelven", in: Nederlands Patriciaat 1953, p.235-242
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* Ir. C. en P.C. Sigmond

We express our gratitude and pay our respect to father P.C. Sigmond and son C. Sigmond for their effort in tracing the Van Schelven family.

They have spent years of their spare time in collecting and structuring the data and published their findings about the family, including a lot of background information. They were supported extensively by the previous efforts by Dr. Arnout Lodewijk van Schelven. The book concerned has not been extensively published and we know of the existence of only three copies. One of these copies is in the library of the Dutch Foundation for Genealogy in The Hague (Den Haag). You can contact the authors at e-mail address If you want an impression of the materials and sources used, check this hyperlink: Geraadpleegde bronnen (Dutch).

You have to excuse us for not translating the complete family tree. In due time the family tree will be approachable in English as well, but for the time being the information is in Dutch. For your convenience we supplied a translation of the most commonly used words in the actual family information. You can find the translations under the book icon with the Dutch flag in the lower left corner. The translations are in a separate window, in order to keep them visible.